Today’s blog income post will be a follow up to last weeks Affiliate Marketing: Establishing A Control .  I will examine the process to step 1 in establishing a control: advertising.

But first Today’s Olympic Moment! Brought to you by Blog Income!(another benefit to owning a blog – being your own sponsor!) – Smell of Gold Turns to Taste of Gold!

Canadians across the nation are doing the rain dance, whooping, hollering and stomping it up as they celebrate  “Alexandre the Great” in winning the first gold for the host nation at Vancouver’s Olympics thus ending the country’s drought of winning gold on home turf.  I mean Canadians are known to be nice and hospitable but we have to draw the line somewhere!   Sweet!  Congratulations Alexandre!

Now to the topic at hand: 5 steps to a successful ad.

What is the offer?  Speak Spanish in two weeks!  Travel in luxury on a pauper’s budget!  Whatever your offer is you need to capture the interest and curiosity of  the viewer so that the ad is clicked on.

Obvious as it seems I have seen in the offline world where people just throw something up without giving much thought to what they are saying.  I suspect the same happens here in the online world. The shorter the ad, the more important it is to fine tune it as much as possible.  Good ads come in three parts:

The Headline.  Lets see what we can do with traveling in luxury on a pauper’s budget.  Here are some options:

- Broke Student Travels in Style:
OK.  Nothing terribly compelling but the general idea is intact

- Luxe Travel on Student’s BudgetGetting stronger. But what about

- Luxe Travel on Pauper’s Budget
I like the word  pauper more than student, I think it is stronger and more likely to arouse the curiosity.

The Body. This is where you write about the offer in two to three sentences at most.  Make it interesting and compelling.  Punch it up.

Call to Action: Download your free report now.

Another obvious.  Look at your options.  Do you have a budget?  If so look at Google Adwords, Ezines and Newsletters that take advertising.  If you are new to affiliate marketing chances are that the budget is slim to none.  The first place is to put it up on your own site or blog.  A banner is more likely to attract attention than just text.  You can design a cool ad for free at

There are lots of ad tracker services on the internet, many for free.  Just do a Google search for “free ad trackers”.  One that looks good to me is .  WordPress also has some free plugins that can help you track your ads.  I use Pretty Link which is proprietary to WordPress Direct.

Track your results. Congratulations, you have now established your first control.

Repeat the process.  Make a few small adjustments.  Don’t revamp the whole ad and its process unless it gave you zero results.  Success comes in fine tuning and fine tuning is not a re-haul.

To Your Success in Affiliate Marketing!


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