Short and Sweet.  After only a few months, Blog Income is on the block.

Regular readers here know that Monday night is my Internet MasterMind Group meeting – yes, skipped the ice dancing!  Never mind, making up for that today with a day down at the Olympics.  My friend Cheryll and I are going down early and see if we can get into the Canadian Royal Mint pavilion – that had a 7 hour lineup (no seriously)over the weekend and I hear that Russia House (as the hosts of the next winter Olympics) is pretty good too.

But I do digress.  To the point.  I had this site critiqued last night.    It’s something we do – one site a week.  The short of the long of it is that it is going to undergo a complete overhaul.  Even to me it was beginning to look cluttered and there were changes I wanted to make.  Visiting other blogs helps to polish and develop a discerning eye, but I had changed the theme only a few months ago and thought I could live with this one for a few more – oh say till June.

I got a lot of helpful comments from the group but the main thing appears to be the theme.  This time it won’t be an overnight change.  As with so many other colleagues who have recently undergone a similar metamorphosis, I will take a bit longer and will come up with something that will stand me in good stead for a year or perhaps even two.

I’m going to have some awesome people helping me – I hope you will join them.  I am looking for comments, observations and suggestions.  What do you like about this blog?  What should be scrapped altogether.  What needs to be added?  Any suggestions for themes?  Throw it all at me.  The more the better.   Together we’ll make a good soup.

I look forward to hearing from you – you awesome lot YOU!


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