Getting rid of clutter has nothing to do with blogging for money – or does it?   If you have no room, how are you going to expand?   To grow your business?  Indeed, to develop a blog income life?

I hadn’t defragged my computer for some time … I know, it is a task that should be performed regularly and frequently.  You can imagine how surprised I was then when a message popped up saying I had only 2% space left on my hard disk!  No wonder it was running so slowly, and I was putting it down to its aging status.

Panic gripped me.  Ice water ran through my veins.  The heart pumped faster.  Incredulously I looked at the message again.  How could this be?

Quickly I set about going through the files on my computer.  Surprise, surprise.  After what seemed like hours of tossing out old files I only managed to free it up to 6%.  Clearly there is plenty more tossing to do.

Why the panic?  The first image that played like a looping YouTube video was that my computer was on the brink of a crash and all for want of timely, scheduled maintenance.  The mere thought sent shivers up my spine.  Visions of rushing the machine to the local Geek Store and leaving it in the ICU care loomed large and clear, or worse yet, having to call out a paratechie to pay a house call!  Either/or images of winged dollars leaving my bank account floated overhead.

Blogging for money is a serious business;  it is important that your tools are kept in tip top shape and that means keeping your computer running on full steam.  I was just on the verge of downloading some more material, but something nagged at me and told me I should defrag.

Good thing, that nagging feeling. Not having use of my computer for a day at best – that would be in the case of the paratechie coming to my house – or, as it happened once before, up to a week being revived at the Geek Store is not a good business practice.  First, time is irrecoverable;  second, nasty dent to the bank balance, and third, the stress factor would have sent blood pressure through the roof.   There is also the not so subtle message that with so little space you are restricting your own potential.

As I was tossing out old files, some that went as far back as 2006, I was tempted to start reading some of them, or view the videos.  Quickly I purged the mere thought of it.  Were some good things sent to the circular bin?  No doubt. But if I have not made use of them in almost 4 years, chances are that I am not going to miss them.

If you are like me, downloading stuff and filing it for later attention your computer may be choking too.  The techies can skip this as of course this would never happen to you, but to the rest of the techno challenged world, the first thing you need to do is to check on the wellbeing of your computer.  To the uninitiated go to All Programs, click on Accessories, then Systems Tools and then Disk Cleanup.  After the cleanup has been performed repeat this path only this time instead of Disc Cleanup, click on Disk Defragmenter and let the system go to work.

After this experience I am going to scope out the various services available that allow you to store valuable information out there in cyber space.  There are both free and for fee options. Using such a service will not only free up valuable space on my computer, but have a side benefit of being able to access the needed info from any computer no matter where I am.  What that means is that the next time I travel, I will be able to leave the mother ship laptop at home and take a lightweight mini sized one instead.

The health of your computer does indeed have everything to do with your blog income – do the basic maintenance yourself and once a year, take it over to the local Geek Store for its annual checkup.

To Your Awesome Blog Income Life!


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