Internet Marketing A fifteen year anniversary is a major milestone in any endeavor, but when that endeavor is internet marketing it puts you firm and square as a pioneer in this industry – 15 years ago today, August 30, 1996 – yes, 1996!- Jeff Walker began his internet marketing career.  Fifteen years ago, the internet as we know it today had not even been invented yet but there was email and Jeff had a list – all 19 got an email from Jeff on August 30, 1996.

Jeff, of course, went on to become one of the foremost leaders in internet marketing and is best known for having created the Product Launch Formula, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that he had no inkling on the trajectory that this small step of sending out 19 emails would take on in his life.

But here’s the thing – he took a step.

I read his post today – 15 Years Of Internet Success (And The First Law) . Hop on over there and take a read yourself.  I was struck and impressed  that the date was so firmly etched in his mind, it made me wish that I had such a date to celebrate.  You see, I sort of fell into this by accident and for those who believe that there are no accidents, that all things happen for a reason, fine, but its been a long haul from the seeding to the seedling to the plant finally gaining some strength and growing.

It began by my opening an email which promoted a course at the end of which I would have my book written,  edited and published, perhaps even on the best seller list!  And why not, I would be tutored by a celebrated author and, I had always harbored visions of becoming one myself!  With trembling fingers I pulled out the plastic, phoned the number in the email and with some trepidation but with great expectations gave the details to the person at the other end.

A week or so later a box arrived. The book however, has yet to be. No, that email was not from Jeff.

But it was a step, albeit one that would change direction many a time.  One day things began to fall in place like  picture puzzle pieces beginning to fit together.

Today I meet people who want to get into internet marketing.  They want to know how they can get started without paying big sums of money for courses and of course they want results right away.  I tell them that the “right away” will probably have to wait, that the best way to get started is by blogging and that somewhere at some point they will probably need to part with some cash.  Most go away seeking the answer they want to hear, others wait for the right time or they attend seminars and learn but never apply.

If I sound somewhat introspective it is because I am.  I wonder how much talent lays dormant because of the waiting for the right time or because the cost is too high – too high in capital of time, of money, of effort, of “getting it right” before launching.  There is always an excuse for the step never taken.

One of my favorite sayings is “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going  Mike Litman.  (Mike was one of my early mentors – that’s when the picture puzzle pieces began to fit together).

So Congratulations Jeff Walker!  My hat off to you.   The internet marketing world is so grateful for your having taken that step all those many years ago!













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