Mike Paetzold back again for day 3 of my visit here as part of The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour.Today the discussion will be on finding your niche and gathering your keywords.

Unfortunately this is a step that gets skipped way too often. Have done it, own the t-shirt, coffee mug and more. Skipping this step always comes back to bite you unless you are using your blog strictly as a part of your email marketing.

So even though it is not fun at times doing your research first will pay off. Knowing who you are targeting and what they are interested in makes it much easier to supply that need.

So find your specific niche first and look to see if there is money being spent in that niche. If not maybe you need to choose a different topic. I am doing that thing I hate to do assuming that if you are creating a blog you are looking for it to generate income. If that is not true then you can ignore this part.

The second part of the equation is to find the keyword phrases that people are actually searching for AND that do not have a huge amount of competition. It is a tight line to walk.

Eventually you can rank for any term if you are willing to work hard enough for it. Low competition terms just make it much quicker and easier to get rankings and the traffic that comes with that.

Finally you need to build from the bottom up. It is usually easier to rank for a 4 word phrase than a 3 and a 2 word phrase is usually tougher.

Here is a picture of how I set up my niche sites after researching them.


The center is my main topic. Each of the categories will be related to that top keyword and will usually be more competitive than the keywords below it.

For example my topic is dog training. One of the categories would be dog training collars and the keywords could be electronic dog training collars, choker dog training collars, etc.

Start by doing a post on all of the lower level words like electronic dog training collars and you will build up to dog training collars because each of the 4 word phrases will have the 3 word phrase in it or a variation of it.

Getting this right can lead to traffic fairly quickly and eventually you can rank for all of them. For more on picking your niche and generating your keywords check out The Keyword Call. Tomorrow I will be back to discuss review posts.

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