Before I get into the week, I thought you might be interested in these photos I took just a few weeks ago.silver barsOnce a month on a Saturday afternoon a small group of us get together for a friendly game of Cashflow.  Today was that Saturday.  We have a good time, but more importantly we are learning the art of the deal.  Our host is a master at the game, both on the board and on the real boardwalk doing the deal.  Recently he and his wife bought some metal – silver metal.  This is a photo of their stash.

This little bundle of silver, 412 oz to be exact,  is worth $7799.16.

This second  photo is a 1/20 of an oz gold coin and is worth $58.24. Just to give you an idea of the difference between silver and gogold coinld … if that stash of silver was gold, it would be worth $479,856.40

All prices are based on the price of each metal on the date of purchase net of fees.

Today we decided to make the game more interesting.  Starting next month we’ll all throw in ten bucks.  The winner will get a 1 oz silver coin.  Overage stays in the pool to eventually fund an ingot, then a bar and perhaps eventually a brick.  I think it’s a lot more fun than just cash.  Eldorado anyone?

Now to the week at hand and the blog income life:  there was lots of internet marketing stuff but not much blogging. The week began with the Monday Master Mind meeting, which now has a name:  Internet Marketing MasterMind Group.  In my MasterMind Series over at Dave Doolin’s  I wrote about the formation of a third mind wherein things begin go move in a certain direction, without directing.  This Monday I had such an experience.  One of the members and I found out that we have a mutual connection – we are now talking about a strategic alliance.

Then there is the Internet Marketing Bootcamp.  Of course there was homework which took some time and effort.  I am putting up another blog on the WordPress platform but  this time without the benefit of WordPress Direct.  I want to have a better understanding of the underpinnings of WordPress and I thought that putting something up from scratch would be a useful exercise.  It is – if somewhat painful.

Friday was a full day with my monthly Smart Thinking MasterMind Group.  This coming week I will post some of the things that I took away from this day that can apply to the online world.  During the time that we devote to “masterminding” members with their business, I took the opportunity to have my Blog Income Life  turned inside out.  I was pleasantly surprised that marketing wise it is on track based on traffic, conversions, and sales. When the numbers are crunched the ratios are decent after all.  Whew!  I also got some good feedback on how to fine tune some areas.

New Posts This Week:

Musings on a Sunday Morn …On Money, Elitism & Olympics: 31/01/10
With the Olympics on our doorstep I took the morning to express my thoughts and in that way pose a reply to those who are the perpetual complainers on monies being spent, on elitist athletes and why the Olympics.  I like to see people rise to the top of their game

Month in Review – January 2010: 01/02/10
Traffic increase by 78.22% over last.   First time on Google page one for keyword phrase “Blog Income”.  WooHoo!  Sam over at Financial Samurai has thrown down the gauntlet (or whatever it is that samurais wear) to members of his community to get their blogs to an Alexa ranking of under 200K :   Creating Power Friends: Samurai’s Alexa Ranking Challenge

Meet My Friend – Author Wendy Atkinson 02/02/10
What’s the point of owning a blog if you can’t occasionally bring out the pompoms and cheer on with a big Sis Boom Ba! for your chum?  Meet Wendy Atkinson, brand new published author and imaginateure (I think I just made up a word) extraordinaire.  Read the post and then hop on over to Amazon for your own copy of  Law of Attraction A Fable: Mr. Moon & Friends’ Simplified Blueprint to Health, Wealth and Happiness

Till next time …

To Your Awesome Blog Income Life!


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