You may have noticed that Blog Income is sporting a new logo :  Proud Member of Yakezie Challenge.  It looks like this yakezie you can also see it in the right hand sidebar.  I added the Alexa rank widget right under it.  The two go together.

It’s really great when bloggers throw out challenges … makes for interesting dynamics.  When Sam at Financial Samurai threw out the challenge to his readers to get their Alexa ranking to under 200,000 – with Alexa  the lower the number the better the ranking – by June 30th, I bit the bullet and as a result  have gotten to know Alexa rather well.

First things first, I thought I was doing rather well having advanced from a 504,964 out of the gate to 274,942 until I looked at some of the stats of the other contestants.  Wow! Am I blown away.

Now get this!  Here is Ryan at Planting Dollars .

started at 865,928 and as of today is at 83,604.

The blog isn’t even four frikken months old yet!!!!  In an earlier post he wrote about how he went from no blog to 122,661 in 2 months. Some good advice there:

Daily posting
Guest Posting

Ryan reinforces the basics … we’ve all read about them, we all know about them, but Ryan put his nose to the grindstone and took action.  His goal is to get to 50,000 by June 30th.  I have no doubt that he will.

Being part of the challenge is really motivating.  I may have mentioned before that as I blog for an income  I check my stats daily – just a habit I carried over from the corporate world where I began each day with sales figures with all their year to date permutations.  I am not as detailed with blogging, but I know exactly where I am, whether on course and therefore, whether I need to correct course.  I have been satisfied with my Alexa progress and felt confident that 200,000 would be achieved by June 30.

Then one morning I get an email with a serious nudge… from Greg who introduced himself as the administrator for the Yakezie group.  Apparently I have not registered (gulp!).  I also got a laundry list of items to fulfil.  Ta Da!  The Yakezie Logo or Badge.  I rather like it.  The Alexa button will move elsewhere after the challenge but for now, it is instantly recognizable duo.

There are some in the blogosphere who do not take Alexa seriously.  Their main objection being that Alexa only measures those blogs that have registered with Alexa – unlike Google which does not require that you register and/or display the google toolbar, yet some 40 million plus blogs are crawled by Alexa’s mighty army of bots.  That is no mean number.  Consider that at nearest estimate there are over 250 million blogs of which some 90% are either completely abandoned or just plain moribund.  When taking these two stats together then its reasonable to assume that the default seems to fall towards the  more active rather than defunct blogs being in the Alexa rankings.

Now I’ve been snooping around Alexa a bit and the most interesting thing I found was that you can get more info about the visitors that come to your blog … demographics like their age bracket and gender.  This is super cool info.  Until recently I had no idea who my audience at Blog Income was, so it was like writing in the dark.   Now I know that the majority of my visitors are the 34 -45 age bracket , more female than male, and they browse from their home.  There is other info that is interesting.  You can bet on it – I will register all my blogs with Alexa.  If you haven’t already done so, you may want to as well.

Why is this information important?  It takes a bit for Alexa to begin to gather detailed info on your blog so if you have only just downloaded your tool bar and registered your blog, the info will be scant but then be sure to come back a few months later and click on the details.  Use the info to your advantage.    You’ll be able to gear your content for your age group, gender, whether they have children and more.    There is even more detailed information available once you hit the 100,000 mark … aaahh the carrots that they danglel … OK Sam, but first the 200K!

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