Link Building Part III – Pingbacks & Backtracks

This is post #3 in a series of articles on Link Building

In the last post we covered backlinks – these are links that point to your blog or site from an outside location.   We used the analogy of air travel to explain how this works.  Quick review:  A travel review in a Singapore publication makes reference to the city you live in.  Readers of that article decide to visit your city.  They fly from Singapore to your city.  The Singapore publication is the outside location, the flight is the link, and the tourists that visit your city as a result of that reference are the traffic. This type of link is often referred to as an inbound link.

Today we’ll take a look at a different type of link – the Pingback or the Backtrack which is typically generated by an outbound link.  Confused yet?  Good, I was too and quite frankly am not sure if there is a difference between a pingback and a backtrack – the two terms seem to be used intermittently yet some blogging professionals say that there is a difference.  If there is a difference it is slight and not one that I think we should obsess about (I may have to revisit this statement some time in future should I learn that omigosh!  the difference may be slight, but the importance huge …. aaaahhh, semantics).

For a quick overview of what a pingback or a backtrack is, lets stay with the travel analogy.  This time you are posting on your blog and make reference to Singapore, maybe make a nice comment about your holiday there.  Now if your blog is built upon WordPress, and Singapore is built on WordPress, then the system automatically notifies, or “pings” Singapore to let it know that reference on your blog has been made to it This is generated by you on your own blog and is also known as an outbound link.

If Singapore allows pingbacks/backtracks, it will check out your blog to make sure that it is legitimate and if it is satisfied then it will pingback to your original article, usually with a summary of your post along with your link.  Voila!  There you have it.  That is a backtrack/pingback.

Now I’ve been checking the web to see who might have posted something on backtracking and/or pingbacking on their blog so that I could use it as an example.  I found that none other than Yaro Starak had posted on this very same topic on his blog .  Here Yaro talks about backlinks, pingbacks and backtracks … yes, I know, just thinking about it is enough to send me off on a tailspin.  Yaro is an uber blogger whom I admire greatly.  I am sure that he drinks fine wine, feasts on gourmet foods, and I know for a fact that he travels to exotic  destinations all on his blog income.  By mentioning his blog and a link to his site, I have created an outbound link.  I believe that both of us are on a WordPress system, so he will be automatically informed, or “pinged” of this mention.  Hop on over there and read a master’s explanation on this whole link building thing.

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